Are you a little bit….errrr….mad?

This is what I hear every time I mention the fact that I ride a fixed gear road bike every where. When i say everywhere, I mean everywhere. Ok some hills are tough, but then again the challenge of getting to the top is massively rewarding. I also get the ‘don’t you get tired quick’? Not really is the answer. I’ve been riding fixed for about 2 or 3 years now and its made me a far better, stronger rider. This is down to not being able to stop pedalling and having to push hard when the tough gets going! I also mountain bike and it has taught me to use my gears more efficiently and approach obstacles with more thought. I quiet literary don’t stop pedalling any more! I have built myself up to average speed of around 18-20mph on most of my rides…even the hilly ones! I regularly do 25mile rides and even recently did 45miles. I now have this beast planned.

Its 98.99 miles, hilly and includes the Malvern hills….by choice.

Yep, you guessed it, everyone i know has said….’errrr…are you mad’?
My answer is no. My thought is that i could do it on a geared bike, but it would be a very doable ride, why not make it interesting? My grandad and a lot of other peoples grandads used to race on fixed geared bikes when gears were relatively new and expensive. Mine raced in Egypt, I believe, of all places! The origins of the Tour de France is in fixed/single speed bikes, and they had the alps to contend with.
I love the silence, the raw feel of only you and a basic stripped down machine! Fixed is not just reserved for the track, its a gateway to a whole new exciting way of riding and I completely understand that its not for everyone, just…errrrr…us mad people?
I ride a Specialized Langster with a 15×44 tooth setup.


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