Its wet, cold and we have waterproofs, windproofs to help!

Its raining its pooring and it looks set to stay with us for a little while. So if your still wanting to ride, train or even just enjoy a day of leisure on your bicycle then here is a list of the waterproof jacket we have available in store!

Endura Pakajak – Range of colours – £39.99 – A super light weight folding shower proof jacket. Use this on those unsure short rides. It will hold the rain off long enough to get you somewhere dry.
Endura Photon Jacket – Red – £69.99 – Another light weight folding jacket that can easily be placed in your jersey back pocket. This will hold the light to mid shower off alot longer than the Pakajak and is also very breathable. 1 Large rear pocket.
Endura Gridlock Jacket – Blue and Hi-Vis – £55.99 – A basic heavy duty commuting jacket. This will keep you dry on you way to work or trip down the Taff Trail. On warmer days though it might be a bit to heavy.
Endura Luminite – Hi-Vis – £79.99 – A slightly lighter weight jacket than the Gridlock and still aimed at commuter. This will keep you dry for a long time and even comes with a built in rear LED red light for added visibility at night!
Endura Venturi 2 Jacket – red – £159.99 – This is the daddy when it comes to mountain biking in the wet! Optional hood (sold separately) and a seriously tough material and build equal a breathable and highly waterproof jacket. More pockets and vents than you can shake a rabbit at.
Endura Stealth Jacket – Black – £169.99 – This is the ultimate in road riding wet weather gear. You need to train but its wet then put this on. A very Pro/form fitting jacket, it may be a little warm in the hotter months. They are a matching pair of bib tights which we can special order in. They retail at £135! I have a set and they are amazing! 2 large rear pockets

Soft Shell wind proof
Endura Convert Jacket – Lime Green – £99.99 – This is a good windproof jacket for the spring/autum months and even into the winter if you layered up. But when it gets a little warmer you can take the arms off and use it as a Gilet…handy. 3 Standard back pockets.
Gore Phantom Jacket – Red and White – £124.99 – The same as above. Its not as thick i  feel ast the Convert and it forms a Short Sleeve top rather than a full Gilet. This could hold off a light shower as well. Even if it was wet it would still hold its wind proofing quality. This has your standard 3 back pockets.


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