Yes we have a selection of the CEP compression socks and sleeves as well as the new cycling bib shorts.
This is what CEP say about their compression wear…
A physiologically perfect compression profile for greater performance, longer endurance and faster recovery.
Regardless if you’re wearing CEP before, during or after exercise, our products are your perfect partner for maximizing performance and recovery.

Why wear any compression wear before, during or after exercise?
Every muscle cell in the body needs energy in the form of oxygen. This is transported to the muscles via the blood. The better the blood flow in the body, the better the muscles are supplied with oxygen and nutrients. This function can be positively influenced with target graduate compression.
  We have a small selection of the running socks and sleeves in both mens and womens. We Also have the Recovery specific socks for men and women.
Cycling wise we have the new bib shorts, cycling socks and the compression Quad sleeves. SO something to suit every type of rider.
I can confirm that the bib shorts work well after trying them out on a 145mile bike ride! I could walk the next day and the muscle soreness was minimal compared to other long distance rides i had done. I found them incredibly comfortable throughout the ride and very supportive. As for the extended endurance aspect of compression wear i could possibly say it works! my legs didn’t once complain on the ride, only my hands and shoulder!
Unlike other compression wear you need to be measured for the CEP products which all are staff are trained in. It only takes 2 minutes and gets you the correct compression for your size…pop in and have a chat



I went out this morning before work for a quick 30miler. Holy moly it was cold! sub temperature cold! My thumbs and toes were slightly painful. It was also as black as it gets, it was, truth be told, 6am. But still it was as black as it would be at 12am!
That in mind we have everything you need to combat the seasons and elements! New lights from Lezyne and Moon. Also winter warmers from Endura, Mavic and Gore, that will keep you riding throughout the winter months!
All i can say is with all the new warm kit i have…BRING ON 6AM!!!!
Pics and descriptions in the next few posts…….

Yep were nearly a year old!!!

Come the 21st of November we will have been in Cardiff for a whole year! It doesn’t feel that long ago when we first opened our doors to the public. We feel like were here to stay now!
To Celebrate this fact we will have a little promotion going on in store. That is all I’m going to say for now….watch this space or our Facebook and Twitter page for more details a few days before.
I personally would like to say thank you to each and everyone of our customers, some of which have now become our friends. You all have made us feel welcome and supported us through the first part of our journey as a shop. We hope to provide you for many years to come with our friendly and knowledgeable advice on all things bike!

Once again thank you everyone.

NEW Lezyne light systems

So the Darker mornings are upon us and the evenings are drawing in quicker and quicker. We will now start to see more and more of the new lighting systems that manufactures are offering.
Our First instalment of new lights comes from Lezyne. I have always been a fan of Lezyne’s products and have been waiting for these to come in for a while. They have bought out 3 new lights.

First up are the new FEMTO. These come as front or rear lights and also as a neat little duo set. The front is 15lumens and the back is 7lumens, but both to me seemed a little brighter than that? As with most of Lezyne’s products they are CNC machined and have a water tight plastic screw back. Both front and rear look very neat and tidy on the bike. They also come in a range of very nice anodised colours and retail at £12.99 each.
Next up we have the new Micro Drive (the smallest of the two) and the Macro Drive. Both of these are USB chargeable. The Micro plugs straight into your computer and the Macro uses a standard USB cable. The weight on both models is extremely acceptable, with the Micro at 52g and the Macro at 93g (claimed).

The Micro drive has a maximum 150lumens output but also has another 2 settings at 80 and 50 lumens. As usual they are CNC machined bodies with a protective plastic end cap for keeping out the British weather. Comes in Black Ano or Polished and retails at £39.99.
The Macro drive has a maximum of 300lumens and also another 2 settings at 200 and 100 lumens. The same protective cap and CNC machining can be found on this model also. Colour options of Black Ano or Polished and a retail price of £54.99.

I think that for the money the Macro drive does it for me for a front light and for the neatness of the rear the Femto. The build quality on all of these is as you would expect from Lezyne…exceptional. They are also very pleasing to the eye and wouldn’t look to out of place even on some of our £3000 road bikes we sell. I will be purchasing a Macro drive and Femto rear for my early morning rides so once i have personally tested them except a good review!
Available in all our stores

Be prepared, or suffer the consequences…BONK!!!

Well yesterday I went out for a long ride in the last of the good weather. Not unusual for me any more on my Fixed Gear bike. I planned to do 80miles. The route was up to Monmouth and back via a big hill climb I wanted to try. It’s the one that comes out of Monmouth back to Chepstow along the B4233 towards Trelleck. Turns out it was a category 3 climb! It was tough but ultimately very rewarding. On the way back though  I took a wrong turn, got lost and it ended up being  a 97.8 miler! 17 miles more that I wanted to do and those last miles were the worst miles I have done for a long while. I carried enough food and water for my 80mile trip and strategized my eating and drinking so that I could go fairly quick over this distance. I obviously didn’t plan for my own stupidity though! The lack of food and hydration caused me to bonk bad. I don’t mean hitting the mental blockade called the WALL. I sometimes hit the WALL, but always push through it and come out the other side peachy and sort of better off. This was BONKING, complete bodily exhaustion and physical shut down. A lack of the right nutrients for the body. The only thing you can do when you hit this is get home quickly and safely. Sugary foods at this point only help for a short time as they spike your energy levels and run out quickly. Damage limitation!
I remember the doubt. Thinking that this will be the lowest point of my cycling life. I just remember thinking if I can get to Newport flats I’ll be ok. Its quiet and I can plod along. After negotiating the A48 in lunch time traffic while trying to stay mentally focused and trying to remember where I had just come from or where I was going due to the mental state I was in proved difficult. Eventually I made it. By this time there was no physical pain as such, only mental agony. Concentrating was hard and thinking hurt! I don’t remember much of the ride on the flats, I just remember looking down and thinking how are my legs still moving? I stopped at a Pub to fill my water bottle up. As I got off the bike I stumbled and nearly fell into the door way. Jelly legs giving you the comical off balance dance. I remained composed and they kindly filled them up…with ice. I took 5mins out but this proved worse as my muscle’s cramped.
I jumped back on the bike and continued my slow and agonising journey back home. As I entered Cardiff I felt relived, but every mile still felt like 10. I plodded at a snail pace till I reached my house. As soon as I got in I ran a bath of cold water and sat in it…hopefully that would relieve some of the physical pain, but my mental anguish was still present. FOOD…I still ate sensibly even though all I could think of was chocolate and crap. Protein and carbs with a glass of strong squash. I made it home by the skin of my teeth to be honest. Any longer and it would have been boarder line dangerous. Next time I’m taking my credit card and more food than i need. Be prepared for the worst! Its easy to think that will never happen to you as i always have. But it sometimes does!